We have become local ambassadors for METAL HEALTH AWARENESS in the work place, we have created a campaign to recognise it and offer support to clients that may be suffering in silence. It is a subject we feel passionately about and we want to help raise awareness in our community. We have created a think board that is located in our staff room to help our team recognise the signs of anxiety attacks and offer advice support or just a friendly ear to listen… We have had an amazing response to this by offering a safe haven to clients that would not usually visit a salon, we want them to know its ok to not be ok, we offer the salon after hours and use the HEAD SPACE app to create a calm and relaxing environment. Our activity box containing Fidget spinners, play doh and adult colouring books help to relax an anxious person.

If you require a after hours service please call and ask to talk to our salon director Laura in confidence.